Acadian Machine Works

Acadian Machine Works

Walk Behind Harvesters

At last a blueberry harvester that does not require a tractor. This self-propelled, walk-behind 5.5 horsepower harvester can harvest anywhere from one -2 acres per day depending on crop concentration and is ideal for the small to mid-sized farm.

Tractor Mounted Harvester

Our tractor mounted harvest head has been proto-typed. It has proven to handle all high yield fields without any problems. It has been tested by neutral parties against all other tractor mounted heads. and proven to decrease berry loss.

Blueberry Line Cleaner

The portable Blueberry Line Cleaner is designed for the small fresh berry market such as the roadside stands. The entire machine will fit onto a half-ton truck so it can move easily from location to location. It can run off a 110-volt generator.

Acadian Machine

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