Blueberry Line Cleaner

The portable Blueberry Line Cleaner is designed for the small fresh berry market such as the roadside stands. The entire machine will fit onto a half-ton truck so it can move easily from location to location. To add to the portability of the cleaner, it can run off a 110-volt generator. The Line Cleaner is designed for ease of use and can be manned by as many as three people or as little as a single person. The intuitive design of the Line Cleaner means that it only takes a few minutes to learn all of the machine’s operations. The machine is easy to clean its non-proprietary design means that replacement parts can be easily obtained at most hardware stores. A ½ horsepower Baldor motor powers the three-speed trash blower to get rid of the leaves. The cleaner has a sizing belt to get rid of undersized berries and a  tilt belt to eliminate clumps and squished berries.



  • Cleans up to 100 lbs per hour
  • Weighs approximately 181 kg or 400 lbs.
  • 1/2 HP Baldor motor
  • 110 Volt Unit
  • Variable speed cleaning line
  • FDA approved belting
  • 24″ x 16″ loading belt
  • 24″ x 16″ O-Ring sizer belt for small berries
  • 24″ x 12″ tilt belt for clumps and squished berries
  • 6′ x 16″ final grading table
  • 3 speed trash blower fan
  • All Aluminum construction

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