Walk Behind Harvester

At last a blueberry harvester that does not require a tractor. This self-propelled, walk-behind 5.5 horsepower harvester can harvest anywhere from one -2 acres per day depending on crop concentration and is ideal for the small to mid-sized farm. It is extremely maneuverable and is excellent for harvesting along the tree or fence line. Having a multi-speed transmission allows the operator to harvest in several speeds depending on crop concentration. Also having these multiple speeds allows the operator to travel from one location to another at a greater speed. The reverse gear allows the operator to be more versatile with the harvester like harvesting up to a stump then back away. This machine is user-friendly and requires only a minimum of training. The harvester fits into a half-ton truck so no trailer is required. It has been designed to be low maintenance and the replacement parts are available at most hardware stores.



Honda Motor
All Aluminum Construction
6 Speed Transmission with reverse
26” picking head with easy to change teeth
Adjustable height roller
Dual Stack Pan Hanger
Equipped with leaf blower
Dual Pan Loading
Industrial Dog Clutch for head
Removable Canopy
Fire Extinguisher Holder

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